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  • 1977

    Established 3L Electronic Corp. in Taipei, Taiwan.

  • 1983

    Approved by Taiwan Military Service for Inductor & Coil Products Manufacturing.


  • 1989

    Set up first China manufacturing site in Zhuhai, Guangdong. Introduced firstly the Conformal Coated Inductors (Color Code Inductors) in Taiwan Market & fully adopted auto production equipment to achieve low cost/high volume manufacturing.Formed In-site Workshop for Mold Development/ Manufacturing Equipments/ Production tooling.

  • 1990

    Integrated & Focused on Winding Inductor & coil products. Adapted CNC winding machines for High Inductance/Low Frequency applications.




  • 1992

    Firstly Introduced High Frequency Molding Coils.Successfully Integrated Ferrite & Iron Powder core supply chain nearby 3L's location for Raw Material Development.

  • 1993

    Developed a new factory for Iron Powder & High Flux/MPP




  • 1994

    Introduced China first automatic Toroid winding machines for high-turns applications & automatic Wire Stripping Process for Bold wire applications.


  • 1995

    Began Ceramic/ Copper/ Aluminum Core in-site production. Introduced Radial Inductor automatic Test/Taping machines & High-Speed Bead Assembling lines.

  • 1996

    Firstly Launched SMT Power Inductor / SMD Winding Chip Products in Global Market.

  • 1998

    Firstly Introduced Lead Free SMT Toroid process for Texas Instrument Inc. Introduced Ceramic Winding Chip inductor for Cellular phone / wireless communication application.

  • 1999

    Introduced Molded Winding Ferrite Chips series (SMDV32/45/56/63) in Market (Most Compact Structure Design on 1999 for winding Chips). Used Spot Welding Technology on Thin Wire applications for high reliability concern.

  • 2000

    Introduced Various Low-Profile Shielded Power Choke applications in Global Market. Built first Electric Plating lines for Terminal Processing in China.


  • 2001

    Further developed downsizing SMT/SMD series. Adapted High-Speed Pin Attaching Machines for Dip type product application. (220 pcs/ min). Developed Multilayer Bead/ Inductor products.






  • 2002

    Set up a Reliability Test Lab in Zhongshan New factory which contains Thermal Shock Test Chamber, High Temp/Humidity Test Chamber, Salt Water Spraying Tester, Vibration Test machine, Drop Test Machine, Push/Pull Strength for X-Y-Z Axial Test Machine, Peeling Strength Tester for SMT/SMD Reel Packaging, Nitrogen Reflow Soldering Machine, Simulated SMT assembly line, Density Tester, Hi-Pot Tester, X-Ray Material Analyzer etc.. Formed fully automatic production lines for SMTSDR manufacturing; Simultaneously Promoted 5S Exercise and Developed Lead Free/RoHS compliance products.

  • 2003

    Formed fully automatic production lines of Flat Wire Power Choke (SMTER, SMTBW Series) for Power module application. Developed Low Profile SMT Power Choke (SMTDRRI2D/3D/4D/5D) / Common Mode choke (SMDWCM) applications. Developed Balance Score Card (BSC) Strategic Management system in 3L. Adapted Gauge R&R /MSA /SPC /FMEA /PPAP/ APQP ISO 16949 tools in 3L. Developed Thin Film / Ceramic Miniature Multilayer products.

  • 2004

    Expanding Terminal Plating production including Ag/Ni/Sn Layer processing, Expanded Compound Molded Inductor production lines into 10M/month. Began to produce Planar Xfmrs. Developed High Speed Winding/ Soldering/ Terminal Flatting machine (0.5 sec/pcs) and Fully automated Marking /Testing /Packaging machines (0.3 sec/pcs) with Japanese Equipment Makers. Purchased a land of 26,900 Square Meter for further factory expanding.

  • 2005

    Developed Ultra Low Profile Power Choke (0.8mm Height Max) and various miniature power chokes for portable products. Integrated automatic production line and raised winding chips capacity to 20 Million. Executed Blue Sea Strategy on developing telecom/ integrated circuit area. Awarded ISO14000 and GPMS Certificate.

  • 2006

    Switched all 3L product series into RoHS compliance products. Successfully Finished Design Stages for BRI (Lowest Profile Power Chokes produced by 100% Automation Lines), SMDV (Molded Winding Chips), SMTPI, Planar Xfmrs products. Achieved 35 Million Monthly capacity for all Surface Mounting series.

  • 2007

    Developed Low profile High current/Molded Power Chokes. Expanded SMDV to 2520 series. Expanded BRI series to lowest profile as 0.7mm. & wider application for unshielded type (BDR) & magnetic epoxy packaging type (BDE).


  • 2008

    Obtained Sony GP and QC080000 certificate. Started to develop Over-molded Iron Powder high DC current inductor (DIP and SMD type) for CPU power choke application, SMD type including UPIA/UPIB/UPIC. Working frequency up to 1MHz for UPIA, 3MHz for UPIC, 5MHz for UPIB; DIP type including HFPI/DPI type.

  • 2009

    Started mass production for Over-mold Iron Powder high current inductor, SMD type ranges UPIA0603/0604/1004/1005/1203/1205/1207,and DIP includes DPI1210. Developed high DC current power choke HCL1310, featuring lowest DCR with copper foil winding.







  • 2010~2011

    Obtained ISO16949 certificate. Became supplier of component for Automotive Infotainment System to Hyundai, Daewoo. Developed 2 times -Powder-Filling process for ultra thin UPI manufacturing technology, Lower product profile up to 1.2mm Max. Developed new powder formulations for better High Temperature Storage performance. Developed multiple coil layer winding technology. Set up FAE center for Field Application analysis in Taipei. Fully promote lean production in Zhongshan factory. Founded equipment center to develop Robot arm application with the aid of Japanese consultant. Successfully developed top power supply manufacturer Power1 (Belonged to ABB since 2013) and Efore. Promote E-learning and Cloud Education system.

  • 2012

    Further developed manufacturing technology for Over-mold Iron Powder products. Applied 14 cavities mold to increase capacity. Introduced new α -winding method to reduce DCR. Developed new 150 Deg C type powder formulations to achieve 50M Ohm Long term Core Surface resistance requirement. Replaced labor demanding operation with robot arms to 35%. Adopted multi-channel exercise controller on winding/ soldering/ assembly/ gluing/ testing/ packaging automation.

  • 2013

    Developed Automobile ( M type) powder formulation for large- size, low- profile Over-molded product. Further developed high end Power chokes for Integrated DC-DC Converters, LED lightings, Electro-cars, HEMS(Home Energy Management System), and Automotive/Electronic equipment market.



  • 2014

    Developed Fast Cured materials, with thin flat wire coil, α winding , 32 – 128 cavities cold-hot pressing and other unique designs for HPI 2016/2520 series power inductors.





  • 2015

    Research and develop high power amorphous powder for Toroid to replace MPP/ High Flux/ Sendust application on above 1MHz switching power supply application. Develop Low profile Molded Power choke with 0.8/ 1.0 / 1.2 mm thickness, 4 * 4mm / 5 * 5mm package to achieve high frequency power transferring, low loss, low DCR ,EMI shielding ... etc. Particularly suitable for thin low-voltage high-current applications.

  • 2016

    1. HPI2520/2016P, the upgraded version of all electrical characteristics from HPI Series is launched in the Market. Heat resistance ability and anti-aging coefficient have been raised to Automobile business level. AGVS(Automated Guided Vehicle System)has been introduced to production lines. Besides, the world first-class process of 64 multiple cavities of cold molded and 128 multiple cavities of hot molded process carrying out the most cost–effective and high production efficiency.
    2. Upgraded Lean Production system withl Visual Management information, that help to achieve TPS, 6 Sigma tools integration.
    3. Set up high end transformer factory which provides the excellent precision and high reliability products for Automobile, Robot and Industrial product demand. 4. Investing RMB 33,000,000 to upgrading the auto process to Automation level 3 Level 1: Manual process changed to semi-auto process (1994); Level 2: Single Chip Controller upgraded to Multiple Motion Controller (2004) Level 3: Integrate Multi-functional machines to cross-talk production lines with Cloud Support(2016).

  • 2017

    1. Automatic production for PHP/HPI series and 2 shifts with 3 workers can realize capacity of 2.4 M per month.
    2. Finish the Cloud on line testing for HPI production line and set up the flight information board system.
    3. Make multiple critical technological improvement, such as 3D printing, Heat Tracing Analysis, Lab view automatic testing software etc.
    4. Enlarge the AEC Q200 lab and aim at obtaining the national lab approval before 2020.
    5. Establish the design and production capacity of planar transformer.
    6. Apply laser, servo pressing and single piece forming comprehensively on the production of all the molded inductors to continue to aim at 0 ppm defect.








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