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The management’s promises:

Fully develop and improve continually the quality management system and the HSPM management system; the following actions reflect the realization of the promises:

Deliver internally to all the departments on meeting the customers’ requirements, laws and regulations

Make quality and HSF policy

Set out targets of quality and HSF

Implement the management and audits

Ensure sufficient resources

Make sure the list of hazardous substances are comprehended by the organization

Quality policy:

Keep learning, keep improving, keep customer satisfied, keep developing

Keep learning-learning and growth view: Keep the personal and organizational learning and create unique competitive advantages in the professional field to make the staff satisfied with both their personal growth and the growth of the company.

Keep improving-internal procedures view: Keep improving the different capability of the company to become more effective as one providing superior quality and service.

Keep customer satisfied- customer view: Keep listening to what the customers say and meet the customer’s needs to make them satisfied.

Keep developing- finance view: Keep working hard on the growth of the sales volume and profit to enable the common share with the staff of the achievements and keep the investors satisfied.

HSF policy:

Care for life, health and earthly environment

Abide by the laws and regulations, follow the customers’ requirements

Focus on the design, production and sales of green products


Our company established ISO 9001 System to achieve the following targets and to attract customers to select us as their reliable business partner:

Fine quality

Stable supply

Reasonable price

Perfect after-sale service