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Holding firmly the globalized social responsibility as our goal, 3L Corporation implements the social responsibility procurement and builds up supply chain that follows the social code of conduct; we make sure the safe working environments, non-discrimination and respect for the workers, the facility production procedures being environmentally friendly to promote the sustainable development of the industrial chain. We hope to work with our suppliers to promote social responsibility and environmental protection, to continually upgrade and improve our internal system and to execute the requirements of SA8000 and EICC.

The suppliers’ responsibility:

  1.Abide by the national and local laws and regulations;

  2.Abide by the social responsibility standards and all the provisions of EICC;

  3.Complete shelf-assessment form of 3L Corporation’s Social Responsibility Audit and be ready to receive onsite audit required by 3L Corporation;

  4.For any noncompliance to the requirements of 3L Corporation and social responsibility found from the onsite audit, suppliers must provide prompt corrective actions;

  5.For any noncompliance to the standards of SA8000 social responsibility and EICC, suppliers must provide prompt corrective actions;

  6.Supplier should provide the corrective action plan with objective progress for compliance to the standards of the social responsibility.

  7.Download the Social Responsibility Letter of Commitment, chop and sign it by your highest ranking management and send it back to the relative procurement person from 3L.

Corporation social responsibility, simplified as CSR

While pursuing the economic benefits of the corporation, there are other responsibilities that need to be shouldered, together of which is called the corporation social responsibility, including being responsible for the government, the relative benefit-associates, consumers, society, resources, environment and security and to protect the weaker party with support to the women’s rights and the programs for public good and care for the children etc.

Reference documents

  Social Responsibility Audit Form

  The social responsibility standards of SA8000

  EICC Code of Conduct