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Social Responsibility Policies

Management System Policy Social Responsibility Policies Being a responsible company, 3L Electronic not only consider profiting as the final goal, but also bear the social responsibility to customers, employees, society and the environment. We are committed to implementing the following social responsibility policies with strictly observance:

Treating customers with integrity.

Creating sound compensation and benefit system

Complying with laws and regulations.

Respecting human rights and freedom.

Prohibiting child labor employment strictly.

Eliminating corruption and bribes.

Defending environmental safety and sanitation.

Caring for social vulnerable groups and continuously establishing amity Being a responsible corporate.

Health and Safety Policies

Employees are the most valuable assets of an enterprise. Assuring all employees’ health and safety is the perpetual responsibility of 3L Electronic. In order to effectively control risks and attain safe production, 3L Electronic promises to comply with the following policies continuously:

1. Abide by the national laws and other requirements, perfecting internal management system, and improving the standard of professional health and safety management of the corporate.

2. Allocating perfect fire safety system, enhancing fire safety management and assure fire suppressing works are reliable and effective.

3. Adopt effective measures to prevent all sorts of incidents from happening. Provide safety facilities and personal aid kits by demands.

4. Applying non-toxin new techniques, new process and new materials.

5. Provide sufficient and valid resources for the continual improvement of professional health and safety management.

Environment Policy

Environmental protection and sustainable development is the trend of world at present. As a professional inductor manufacturer, 3L Electronic Corp. commits to perform the following activities according to company's major environment related concerns, in order to promote the environmental protection continuously.

Save resources: Make use of resources in reasonable and efficient way; apply new technology to make best of the resources.

Comply regulation: Comply with national or local environment protection regulation and other 3L accepted requirements.

Prevent contamination: Control three major wastes by adopting advanced production process and preventative measures;Promote green products and apply material with toxin-free or low toxin to reduce impact to environment continuously and try to conform with customer requirements to environmental control material.

Improve continuously: According to environment system, improve company's environment record, save the resources and reduce the waste in all the time.

Participate by all: Popularize knowledge about environment protection among company staff to promote the Influence of 3L's environment policy.

Moral Policies

3L Electronic follows the highest corporate moral standard. We observe the law and regulations in the areas and countries where our sales activities are performed. We guarantee:

Operate with probity and integrity.

Eliminate bribes and corruptions.

Fair, accurate, timely and clear information full disclosure.

Highly respect and carefully protect intellectual property rights and confidential data.

Equitable operation, advertisement and competition.

Protect the identity information of the informant and complainant.

Actively encourage and participate in community activities.

Do responsible mineral sourcing to protect human rights.