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Capital and resources had ever been the focuses of competition among businesses until recently skilled persons, however, have been attached more importance. The cultivation and attraction of many usefully skilled persons becomes the key for speed and competitiveness in the development of a company.

Localization of skilled person and internationalization of local personnel characterized 3L’s personnel policy. The management has always emphasized the acceptance and cultivation of mainland staff, and many outstanding staffs have been assigned with important position. It is well known that the mainland staffs are industrious and enthusiastic in work and study but they need more global exposure; So 3L now adopt the strategy of “Stepping-outward & Introducing-inward”. 3L have sent many mainland staff to take part in international electronic fairs in Germany, America, and HongKong, etc., and assigned engineers to Japan for the learning of advanced automation technology on inductor production. All of these are for broadening their horizon. Based on close cooperation with several world famous companies like Texas Instruments, we have invited many specialists for training our personnel. Recently we employed an experienced Indian Engineer for better global exposure for our personnel.

Training in 3L has been intensified in recent several years. All the staffs, even the housekeeping workers, shall take the regular training. 3L strongly believe that the training could bring more to an employee than his salary.

As the salary can only favor an employee for a short period of time, but training gives him a better career and develop skills on work and communication, which benefit the employee for their whole life. Negative attitude towards training also emerge among companies. Reluctance to training is that some companies always worry about employees’ leaving esp. to work for competitor after leaving, which will cause much loss for present company. While 3L convey different consideration. Certainly, employee’s long time service could benefit much to 3L; although they will not serve for 3L any more, they will also apply what they learned in 3L for their future company in China. This will contribute to Chinese economy in the same way. 3L regard this as her contribution to motherland.

The cultivation of personnel is important to the development of a company, and the more important is how to keep the skilled staff and make a best use of them. 3L is a successful company in doing this; the best example is the average service period of skilled staff in 3L all exceeds ten years.