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3L have introduced BSC (Balanced Score Card), the most advanced management method in the world since the end of last year. Accordingly, 3L’s quality purpose was also altered to “Continuous study, promote endless improvement; customer’s satisfaction, guarantee sustainable development.”

Continuous study:

Viewpoint of study and growth. Individual and team shall insist on studying for gaining a distinctive competitive advantage, so individual shall share that growing with the company.

Endless improvement:

Viewpoint of internal process. Improving abilities of all the units can turn 3L into an efficient organization that can supply best products and service.


Customer’s satisfaction:

Viewpoint of customer. Listening aittentively to customer’s view and comply fully with their requirements.




Sustainable development:

Viewpoint of finance. Endeavoring to achieve development in sales value and profits, to share the business interests and satisfy the investor.



Based on the above four viewpoints, 3L made relevant outline and strategy, then assigning quantified tasks to each unit for future audit. Comparing to traditional management mode, the audit method of BSC shall be more fair, open, and justice. All the units shall know clearly about their own tasks. With the execution of BSC, 3L’s growth rates exceed 30% than last year.