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  • 1977 Founded by Mr. Yung-Chih Liu and Y.T. Liu in Taipei, Taiwan.


  • 1989 Established the 1st Mainland China factory, 3L Electronic (China) Ltd (3LM), in Zhuhai.

  • 1991 Established 3L Electronic Corp. (U.S.A)(3LU) as North American warehouse and logistic controlling center. Incorporated G-TEP, meanwhile, and formed 3L Global Co. (3LG) for handling North American business.

  • 2000 ISO 9001 certificated.



  • 2002 Established 3L Electronic (Zhong Shan) Corp. (3LF).

  • 2003 Established 3L Electronic Corp. Su Zhou Branch (3LS).

  • 2004 Complying the Balance Score Card (BSC) Management; Adopting the automatic winding facilities for Power Chokes (SMDV) and Planar Xfmrs production lines.

  • 2005 Acquired SGS certificates ISO9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004, GPMS Rev.1 2005. & the China Grade A Enterprise; Developing low profile Ultra Thin Power Choke lines. (BRI Series).

  • 2006 Built up a new plant 40,000 M2, Henry Electronic Corp. (3LQ), for expanding Customized Products manufacturing. Established Tainan office in south Taiwan (3LN).

  • 2008 Got Sony and ASUS Green Partner certificated; Get QC080000 Certificate. Established Sanle Electronic Co. Ltd. for China domestic.


  • 2009 Completed mass production preparation for Iron Powders and UPI/DPI Molded Inductor; Approved by Texas Instrument and Flextronics. Re-issued company vision & re-defined 3L: (Improvement) Lasting, (Production) Leaning,(Customer) Leading.

  • 2010 Established Lean Production Center and enhanced ability of factory automation . Completed the lean production for SMTBW, NL, SMTDR, EE, FS, UPI series and raised 30% efficiency and decreased 50% defects and inventory.


  • 2011 Developed Low profile iron powder inductor, Completing overall Lean production % to 70%, Got ISO/TS16949 certificate, Becoming Major supplier of World Class customers.


  • 2012 Established Qin Zhou 3LV as a new Lean Production Factory. Successfully developed and integrated multi-function winding/ soldering/ cut-forming / test & packaging machines by Lean Production Center. Update 3L education system with E-Leaning program to 95%.

  • 2013 Develops Word class miniature Molded Power Choke 2520 & 2016 series with lead-frame structure.


  • 2014 Enhance all BSC KPIs & gets 15% improvement annually. Executes AEC-Q200 requirements, Developed “M” (Mobile) series products, and Raise automobile industry share to 15% of 3L’s sales volume.

  • 2015 A. Promote the automatic production in the factory, accomplishing a 15% cut down of the work force and a 15% upgrade of the efficiency, with special focus on the promotion of the HPI, SMT and DIP production for standing position and team piecework system.
    B. QR code system is comprehensively promoted to fulfill the automatic management of the warehousing and the work force has been cut down to 30%.
    C. Fully promote the close-book exams for the technologies required for the 4.0 industry.
    D. Improve the welfares of the workers by turning the surplus into visible welfares such as air conditioning, travelling, extra free courses, reception room for visitors etc to increase the sense of belonging to the company.




  • 2016 Achieve Whole-Processes Automation on PK, FC, SDR, SMTDR, SMDV, BRI lean manufacturing.

  • 2017 Expanding the Molded Power Inductor Family into 2: HPI Series will extend the sizes to bigger size as HPI 03/04/05/06 and be qualified for AEC-Q 200, for Automobile business; @ the same time, PHP Series will expand the size to a even Lower Profile and smaller size in order to achieve Consumer Electronic requirements.

  • 2018 Established a new plant with double size of current production area in Nanning, Guangxi. The production will be stared in 2020. Meanwhile the solar power generation will be set up fully as well. The target is to bear 30% of the factory total electricity demand within 3 years. Fully imported 4-axis, 6-axis robots &, AOI and accomplish the last mile of manpower replacement. Our target is reducing 50% of labor hours within 3 years.

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